Evergreen landcare specialize in all aspects of lawns. Being in the industry for more than 20 years we have learnt what works best in a wide range of aspects. New Zealanders find pleasure in having “The perfect lawn”. From the winterless north to the deep cold south we have a verity of lawn cultivars to suit each individual needs.

Topsoil Supply and Spreading

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Ready Lawn

One of the most instant lawns on the market its Ready lawn. Ground preparation including importing fresh quality topsoil creating the prefect base to get you lawn off to a good start. High end prestart fertilizer to ensure your lawn will strike with the best possible help. Full installation of many varieties of grass rolls to suit your individual needs. This is perfect for all season fit outs and that instant effect is perfect for quick turn overs on projects.

Product or Service Details

  • Lawn preparation
  • Lawn installation
  • Lawn care


  • Instant effect
  • Wide range of grass cultivars
  • All season install

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